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Our team is equipped with various options to handle your bad credit issues. We notably offer opportunities such as second and third chances for auto credit, always at the best interest rates in the area.

Why is your credit rating low?

It's not necessarily a sign of dishonesty if you have difficulty obtaining credit. Banks can give you a bad rating simply because you've never had a credit card or line of credit before.

Thus, without past debts, your credit history is nonexistent. Financial institutions cannot determine if you are reliable, as there is no history to prove it. This is also true for young consumers with no experience in repaying loans, or those looking to secure auto credit after a bankruptcy that complies with legislation and agreements with creditors.

Quality used car, credit guaranteed 100%

Our financial advisors will offer you 100% guaranteed solutions that will allow you to acquire a quality used car, whether it's after one, two, or three attempts at automotive credit.

In conclusion, it is important to mention that you have the option to submit a financing application directly online on our website.